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TEKMAR embodies healthy eating combined with a modern and active way of life. Each product associated with TEKMAR logo represents quality, innovation and originality. It is the result of vision that provides its consumers a set of nutritional benefits and at the same time a product that is rich in content and taste. Many of TEKMAR’s products are awarded as TOP products within their segment.

We have been producing products in the spirit of healthy lifestyle trends and healthy nutrition for 25 years. For everyone, who wants more and for everyone, who needs more.

In close cooperation with scientific partners, we continuously develop original products containing nutritionally important substances, which are thanks to their high quality, balance and wide range of flavours, becoming an integral part of active life. We know the recipe how to produce the best bar and we want to offer it to our customers with respect and humility. All in accordance with the principles of sustainability and environmental protection.

We are a manufacturing company operating in the food industry with a focus on sustainable development, production and distribution of the lifestyle functional foods through distributors, business networks, independent business partners or directly to the consumers through digital business platforms.



TEKMAR is a story about passion, determination and growth. This has taken us from three founders and a good idea in 1996 to a company in 2023, with more than 80 employees and customers in 32 global markets.

Since our founding, strong scientific and research background in nutrition and food production has been our advantage. It results from education and professional experience of our founder and the entire TEKMAR scientific team. We continue to acquire and apply our knowledge in the area of recipe creation. This is how we constantly develop our product portfolio's added value and ensure the fulfillment of our “WHY“. 

The creation and production of products with added value is our main ambition. 


Our R&D team monitors an international research in order to offer customers the best functional foods. In cooperation with our product developers, they identify potential ingredients and combine them into high-quality products.

Our product are based on science 


TEKMAR selects raw materials and ingredients based on evidence that demonstrates their compliance with our quality standards as well as relevant regulatory requirements. We recommend  a balanced diet and compliance with authority dietary recommendations to all our customers. If you do not consume recommended amount of all food groups, our good advice is to use food supplements, which provide a wide range of vitamins and minerals necessary for the human body. TEKMAR offers the products containing important nutrients.

TEKMAR offers products with relevant effect studies. Our research and development department, in a cooperation with independent expert authorities, pays attention to the studies regarding new products. All our statements and claims are in accordance with EU regulations regarding the nutrition and health claims. By combining the expertise of research and development team with EU legislation, all legal and scientific requirements are adhered: from idea to product, during production process, packaging information and marketing of the finished product. The selection of ingredients and materials is based on quality safety standards, manufacturing culture and applicable regulatory requirements.


We want to create a profitable growth of our business in sustainable way, especially by developing products that our customers really need and also are environmentally friendly. We are committed to our social responsibility and have started our journey towards the green growth. Our goal is to do more and at the same time, to be a considerate entity towards our surroundings. We review and improve our business processes every day.